Living Alone – How to Keep Yourself Safe

Statistics have shown that people who are living alone are at an increased risk to be victimized by a crime. This is usually because experienced burglars will target dwellings with a single resident, in order to minimize their chances of being caught. In addition to this, other criminals may prey on single homeowners for car theft, assault, general robbery and other crimes. However, it is possible to protect yourself, by following a few simple guidelines.

Living Alone Security Tip #1 – Install Security Lights
This is one of the most commonly cited ways to increase your home security, and for good reason. The inclusion of motion-sensing, high-intensity security lighting on and around your property can be a great way to discourage potential intruders. When you are living by yourself, your personal security becomes much more important. Security lighting is relatively inexpensive, being available for purchase at many hardware stores and online retailers. Even if you are currently residing in an apartment complex, you may still be able to get approval to install security lighting near your windows or doors.

Living Alone Security Tip #2 – Common Sense
Lock your doors, windows, and any other entry points into your residence. Though it’s best to keep your doors locked at all times, you can also opt to keep your residence locked as soon as it gets dark. Windows should always be locked when closed, even if you are currently at home.

Living Alone Security Tip #3 – Security Cameras
If you have a flexible budget for personal security, you can invest in a security camera system that will allow you to monitor your home at all times. However, if you are in a tight financial situation, a “dummy” security camera can also be used to help deter potential burglars. These fake security cameras are usually operated by batteries, and give the appearance that your home is being protected by a security camera system.

Living Alone Security Tip #4 – Always have Phone Access
Even if you are simply parking your car in your driveway, it’s best if you always keep your cell phone close at hand. This is especially important if you have a job that requires you to work late, or if you are returning home during nighttime hours.

Living Alone Security Tip #5 – Know Your Neighbors
A great way to improve your personal security when living alone is to get to know your neighbors. As soon as you move into a new residence, make a point to introduce yourself to your neighbors. This can help ensure that if any of your neighbors notice suspicious activity around your residence, they will alert the authorities.

Living Alone Security Tip #6 – Install a Home Security System
While purchasing a home security system may seem like a significant expense, it can actually be a cost-effective way to protect your personal safety, as well as the safety of your home. Many home security systems offer customizable plans and competitive pricing, which can help you to choose the system that will best suit your needs. In addition to this, having a home security system provides peace-of-mind, in knowing that your home is protected against potential intruders. Many homeowner insurance policies offer a discount on their rates if your home is protected by a security system.