Protecting Against Home Invasions

A 58-year-old man in Elk Grove, California became a victim of home invasion when three armed robbers broke into his home around 7 a.m. The robbers tied up the victim and stole his televisions and 2005 Chevrolet Corvette. The man was bound for almost 14 hours before his neighbor heard his cry for help.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t been the only recent victim of a home invasion. Close to midnight in Pleasant Hill, California, two men wearing jackets emblazoned with “POLICE” broke into an apartment. The armed robbers told the men inside the apartment to get down on the floor. A few minutes later, they fled to their getaway car with electronics.

Home invasions don’t always occur in the early mornings or in the middle of the night. In Titusville, two burglars broke into a home between 3:30 and 4 p.m. They forced the woman and her 18-month-old baby inside the home into a bedroom. The woman was able to escape with her child through a window, and she used her neighbor’s phone to call the police. The burglars were gone by the time police arrived. They took $30 from the home.

Statistics show that in North America there are over 8,000 home invasions every day. Home invasions are usually associated with burglary but they can also include assault, rape and even murder. With home invasions on the rise, what can home owners do to protect their homes and families?

First, never let a stranger in your home. Burglars will often impersonate a delivery or maintenance person and even the police. Other times robbers may claim they need to use your phone or they are taking a survey. Do not open your door to strangers.

Some burglars, on the other hand, will force themselves into your home by simply kicking the door open. Sometimes a deadbolt won’t even hold. To solve this, add reinforcements to your door and the frame. Even if you think your neighborhood is perfectly safe, always lock your door.

Finally, install an alarm system. Criminals target homes because they see them as less risky. Banks, stores and other businesses are using more advanced security systems that criminals don’t want to mess with. Instead, they see homes as an easy target. Installing a security system can help protect your home and family against burglars.