How to Choose a Burglar-Proof Deadbolt Lock

While installing a deadbolt lock can be a great way to help increase the security of your home, not all deadbolts are created equally. Inferior design, low-quality materials and other defects can directly affect the effectiveness of deadbolts. Considering the many options that are available, choosing the right type of lock for your home can seem like an intimidating task. However, with the right information, it is possible to greatly improve your chances of purchasing a high-quality lock.

Lock-Picking Vulnerability
Though picking a deadbolt lock can be time-consuming, there are many skilled burglars that have this skill. In order to help prevent your lock from being picked, it’s best if you choose one with a high-security cylinder. High-security locks often have special pins, which can not be picked with standard lockpicking tools. Though a bit more expensive, it’s always best to opt for the high-security option when choosing a deadbolt lock.

Check the Length of the Bolt
If deadbolts have a bolt that is fairly short, the door can be easily opened with the use of a crowbar or other prying tool. To prevent this, choose a deadbolt lock that has at least a one-inch extension into the doorframe. Though this may make installation of the deadbolt a bit more time-consuming, it’s an effective method to help increase the security of your home.

Evaluate the Material
One way that deadbolts can be vulnerable to burglars is if they are made of specific materials. A lock made of a relatively soft metal, such as brass, will be able to be sawed through with a minimal amount of effort. Many burglars have adapted to use tools such as hacksaws to infiltrate low-quality deadbolt locks. To prevent this, it’s best if you choose a lock that has a bolt constructed of steel.

Cylinder Guards
In some types of deadbolts, the cylinder guard (the circular metal part where you insert your key) can be infiltrated by being forcibly removed with a wrench. If you purchase one with a tapered cylinder, it will not be able to be easily removed with this method. For additional security, you may also choose to go with a “free-spinning” Cylinder, which is also much harder to remove with a wrench.

A Note About Price
Considering that there are some advanced security deadbolts that can cost upwards of $200, you may want to set a budget limit for your deadbolt lock. However, as with all home security purchases, you often have to make sacrifices in quality for a lower priced deadbolt lock. Since a lock is such an important part of your home’s level of security, it should be a purchase that you carefully consider. While it may not seem practical to spent a large amount of money on a lock, it’s best if you first evaluate your specific security needs. If you feel comfortable making a small compromise with the quality of your lock, you may opt to purchase a lower-cost deadbolt. However, if you follow the tips outlined above, you stand a much better chance of being able to increase the safety and security of your home.