How to Change Your ADT Security Code

Since the process of changing your code is different for different security systems, it’s important to consult you user’s manual before attempting to change the security code on your own. This guide is designed to help people with ADT security systems to change their security code.

Step 1
First, you will need to enter the master code for your system. In many ADT security system models, you will need to enter “*5”, and then your master security code. Your master security code was most likely set by the ADT when your system is installed. If you have forgotten your master security code, you can receive a new code (or access your existing code) by calling customer service. When calling ADT’s customer service, be prepared with your identification information, as well as information about your account with ADT.

Step 2
After your master security code has been entered, you can enter the number that you want to assign to this new security code. Since many of ADT’s security systems allow you to have different security codes, you need to designate each one with a specific number. If this is the first security code that you are entering, designate it to “01”.

Step 3
Now you can enter the sequence of numbers which you want to designate as your new security code. When choosing a security code for your ADT system, use the same rules that you would use when choosing a computer password. Try to avoid using a number that will be easy to guess, such as numbers in a sequence. Repetitive numbers are also discouraged. Since you also want the code to be easy for you to remember, you can use a family birthday, your first cell phone number, or the address number of your childhood home. To let you know that the new code has been programmed correctly, your system should emit a beeping noise.

Step 4
To make sure that you have correctly activated the new security code, you will need to test it. Begin the test by arming the security system. Once the system is armed, enter the new security code to deactivate the system. If the system isn’t deactivated, you will need to repeat steps 1-3 until you are able to program a new code correctly.

Step 5
If you have any trouble designating a new security code for your ADT system, you can always get help by contacting ADT’s customer support hotline. As stated before, be prepared to give your identification information to the ADT customer assistant, since this will allow you to get prompt assistance.

Additional Tips

In some cases, you may have difficulty in changing your security code, or assigning a security code to a specific number. For all troubleshooting questions, it’s highly recommended that you first consult the owner’s manual that came with your ADT security system, and attempt to solve the problem. If this doesn’t work, you may then try calling customer service. Do not attempt to modify, alter or otherwise tamper with your home security system, unless directed to do so by an ADT customer service assistant.