5 Methods to Burglar Proof Your Home

Burglar Proof Your Home Method #1 – Secure your Doors and Windows

The easiest method that you can use to burglar proof your home is to rely on your common sense. Always lock all doors, windows, roof and basement entrances to your home. Entry areas are how approximately 85% of burglars enter homes. It’s especially important that you secure the door to your garage, since the garage door is a point of entry that is accessed by many burglars. If you have children, it is essential that you familiarize them with the importance of keeping doors and windows locked.

Burglar Proof Your Home Method #2 – Install Reinforced Locking Mechanisms

If you wish to provide additional protection for your family, it’s best if you invest in specialized locking mechanisms. This includes locks which aren’t of the “key-in-knob” design, since this type of lock can be easily disengaged by burglars. Instead, purchase a lock set that includes a deadbolt which can be locked from the outside when you leave. There are many key-in-knob locks that advertise as being “burglar-proof”, but don’t be fooled. The absolute best way to ensure that your door can’t be kicked in by burglars is to install a deadbolt lock.

Burglar Proof Your Home Method #3 – Burglar Proof Hinges

Doors with outside hinges are vulnerable to having the pins in the hinges removed, which causes the door to open. To prevent this, it’s highly recommended that you re-hang your door to ensure that the hinges are installed on the inside. If re-hanging your door is not possible, you can also purchase non-removable hinge pins at a hardware store. As a last resort, you can drive a nail through the middle section of your door’s hinge to prevent it from being removed by burglars. However, it’s highly recommended that you simply re-hang the door.

Burglar Proof Your Home Method #4 – Purchase a Home Security System

While having a home security system may not prevent burglars from trying to break into your home, it can help to minimize damage. Many home security systems, after the initial purchase, also include installation options for under $100. These systems are fairly easy to use after being installed, and can help to protect your house while you’re not at home.

Burglar Proof Your Home Method #5 – The Importance of Security Lighting

To help discourage burglars from trying to enter your home, you can install a security lighting system. You can opt to use motion sensing lights, which may startle burglars who enter your property. However, you can also install high-intensity lights that illuminate all of the entry areas of your home. If your home is well-lit, burglars are less likely to risk being seen by attempting to break in to your home.