Are Your Windows Secure?

In regards to securing your home, it’s easy to get caught up in elaborate security systems, burglar-proof locks and other sophisticated devices. However, many people often forget that first-floor windows are an entry point for around 20% of burglars! Here are a few quick tips to help you to ensure that your windows are secure.

Glass Break Sensors
Installing a glass break sensor close to your windows can provide a high level of protection against burglaries. While a glass break sensor may be used as a stand-alone device, the most effective glass break sensors are combined with a monitored security system. This often allows you to be alerted (by email, text or a cell phone call) when the sensor is activated. Glass break sensors are usually relatively inexpensive, and may even be included in some home security system package deals.

Security Lights
It’s essential that you install your security lights so that they provide coverage for your ground floor windows. Motion activated security lights can be positioned so that they are activated as soon as motion is detected at or near a window area. When installing your security lights, be sure to take into account their range of detection for motion. If its within your budget, try to purchase high-quality, weatherproof security lights that are able to detect motion within a wide radius of their installation point.

Video Surveillance
Many people have security cameras that capture footage from the door entry points of their home. If possible, you should install your video surveillance cameras so that they provide footage of all first-floor windows as well. If placed correctly, you can also combine outdoor video surveillance with motion-activated lights, in order to ensure you get clear video footage of any movement that occurs near your first-floor windows. If you have video surveillance cameras with night vision, be sure that they can automatically adjust to capture footage in different light conditions.

Window Locks
It may seem like common sense, but a high-quality window lock is a great investment for protecting the security of your windows. Most windows come with a standard locking mechanism that may or may not be secure. Remember, many burglars may smash through a pane in the window, in order to reach through to unlock the window. You can prevent this by having high-quality window locks that aren’t easy to disengage.

Security Landscaping
An alternate method that you can use to increase the security of your windows is to do some selective “security landscaping”. For example, you could make your windows difficult to access by planting dense or thorny vegetation directly below your window. Rosebushes, blackberries and other plants with thorns are useful to help add a bit of security to your first floor windows.