A Guide to the 3 Types of Deadbolt Locks

By installing a deadbolt lock, you are taking an important step towards increasing your home’s level of security. However, when choosing a deadbolt lock, it’s best if you have some knowledge of the different types of deadbolts. Each of these types is functional for different security needs, so it’s important that you choose carefully.

Single Cylinder Deadbolt
A single cylinder deadbolt lock is the most common type of deadbolt. In this lock, there is an exterior cylinder entry point which is key-operated. The interior part of the cylinder can be locked or unlocked by operating a metal latch. This type of deadbolt is suitable for all types of doors, and meets the security needs of most homeowners.

Double Cylinder Deadbolt
Like a single cylinder deadbolt lock, a double cylinder deadbolt is also key operated. However, the difference is that the deadbolt must be locked and unlocked by using a key on both sides of the cylinder. This means that in order to lock or unlock the door from the inside, a key is required. This type of deadbolt is most commonly seen in doors that have glass windows.

Keyless Entry Deadbolt
In a keyless entry deadbolt lock, the lock can be opened without the use of a key. However, many of these locks also have an option to have a manual override of the lock with a key. Most keyless entry deadbolt locks are locked or unlocked by entering a code on a numeric keypad. However, there are some deadbolt locks that can be operated by use of a remote device. These locks work similar to remote-entry locks for vehicles, in that a transmitter sends out a signal to the lock to tell it to either lock or unlock. Sometimes, these devices also have an audio or visual signal that will allow you to know in advance if your door is still locked.

Which Type is Best?

Each of these three types of deadbolt locks are different, though choosing which one is best for you requires some research. In general, single cylinder deadbolt locks meet the security needs of most homeowners. If you purchase a high-quality deadbolt, you can effectively increase the level of security in your home.

Double cylinder deadbolt locks may seem like a more secure option, especially for doors with glass windows. Since a key is required to operate the lock, the door can not be opened by a thief that breaks the window. However, since a key is required to exit through the door, double cylinder deadbolts are not approved by many fire safety codes. Before installing a double cylinder deadbolt, it’s best if you first check with your building’s regulations.

Keyless entry deadbolt locks are designed more for their convenience. The remote entry locking and unlocking devices are becoming increasingly more popular. However, the main downfall of this type of deadbolt is that it usually is not waterproof. Many of these locks are battery operated, and may not function properly if exposed to excessive moisture. In addition to this, keyless entry deadbolt locks also tend to be more expensive. However, if you are attracted to the convenience of keyless entry, you may choose this type of deadbolt for