4 Non-Conventional Self Defense Tools

Jackie Chan is one of the most famous theatrical martial arts movie stars of all time. In most all of his early movies, Jackie Chan performed his own unique stunts. One of the reasons that Chan’s movies are so entertaining, is due to their inventive and unique fight scenes. For example, in Jackie Chan’s First Strike, there is a memorable scene in which a ladder, a box of papers, long poles and other items are used as improvised self defense weapons.

Here’s a short clip that displays the famous ladder fighting scene:

Using unique self defense weapons may not always be practical in a sticky situation. However, many companies have released products in an attempt to make inconspicuous (and sometimes funny) self defense weapons that are also effective. Here are a few of our favorites.

Slap Hat
Beware of the striking power of this unique hat! This self defense tool is designed to look like an ordinary baseball cap. However, the secret lies in the weighted material that is sewed within the material of the hat. The product manufacturer states that it has “100% of the density of lead”, and can be converted into a useful self defense weapon in a pinch. By grasping the brim of the hat, theoretically the weighted material can be used as an impact weapon to subdue or incapacitate a potential attacker. The “Slap Hat” has received mostly positive reviews from customers, due to its ability to be an inconspicuous and effective self defense tool.

Who knew that you could defend yourself with a mighty marker? The Sharkie is a unique self defense tool that follows the same concept as a Kubotan. Though it can work like an ordinary felt-tip marker, it is also weighted to be used in a defensive situation. The Sharkie weighs about 4.6 ounces, and has a screw-on cap that won’t come off when used as a defensive tool. It’s constructed of sturdy material, and is able to withstand even high-impact situations. Though some customers seem to criticize its inferiority to the writing power of an actual sharpie, the Sharkie’s inexpensive price make it an affordable (and covert) tool for self defense.

Tactical Flashlight
Many people underestimate the defensive value of a high-powered flashlight. Since many attackers choose to strike at night, a high-intensity LED beam can be extremely disorienting when used correctly. Some tactical flashlights, such as the E2D Executive Defender, also include a serrated edge that can be used for self defense. Many tactical flashlights can also be used like a Kubotan, in order to strike pressure points or increase the weight of defensive strikes.

Dog Tag Knife
One of the interesting things about the “Dog Tag Knife” is that it can be used in a variety of situations! Aside from being able to be used for self defense, this tool can also be used for camping and survival situations. Due to the popularity of the Dog Tag Knife, it can now also be purchased with various attachments and add-on features that increase its versatility.